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The EpicureanFriends Wiki is an adjunct resource used to support the EpicureanFriends.com Forum and the Epicurus College project. Currently (July of 2023) the EpicureanFriends forum is in full operation but the Epicurus College project is still in development.

EpicureanFriends.com - The central forum and place for collaboration and discussion for the promotion of Epicurean philosophy

Epicurus College - The place where an online self and group study curriculum is being developed.

Epicurus College Course Material - Course Materials for the Epicurus College project.

NewEpicurean.com - Older blogging platform for the EpicureanFriends project.

The Lucretius Today podcast is now producing a series of episodes aimed at providing a basic introduction to Epicurean philosophy based on the organization plan of Norman DeWitt's “Epicurus And His Philosophy.” A table of contents for these episodes here: Lucretius Today Special Series - Epicurus And His Philosophy.

The Epicurus College Course Materials Website contains reference documentation, including digital copies of core ancient Epicurean documents used in the Epicurus College Courses. In addition to those course material documents, we have a series of “Key Issues” documents on the following topics:

Key Links for the project are: | EpicureanFriends.com | NewEpicurean.com

Other Important Online Translations: | Perseus Diogenes Laetius - 10- Epicurus - English - Hicks) | Perseus - Lucretius - Latin | Perseus - Lucretius - English - Emery |





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